What can we do for your kid?

Is it your kid’s birthday?

Is he inviting over other little destroyers from school and they will all be hungry?

You don’t have time to prepare them a funny and nice “merienda”?

Don’t worry, Cucina Carmen is here to help. Apart from our featured products we have specific solutions for kids. Here are just a few examples:

  • Sandwiches (ham and cheese, tuna and mayonaise, california, paté…)
  • Mini-hamburguers (these are just so good that you should also order for parents)
  • “Pinchos de tortilla” (more info here)
  • Crisps, doritos, pop-corn, sweets, nuts… (and all that stuff that you can buy in supermarkets and kids love, but that you might not have the time to buy them yourself).
  • Chocolate bizcocho (check it out here)
  • Cake. We can even bring the cake, our specialties are the cheese-cake and a lovely giant brownie (with kit-kat and m&m’s).
  • Drinks, coke, diet-coke, sodas, fruit juice, milk (for the cake and the bizcocho)…

These are just some ideas. Did you have other things in mind? Perfect, just let us know and we will see how we can help you.

Fill in this contact form and tell us what you need, or send us and email to

We will soon get back to you with a proposal and a detailed (and tight) budget.