Tortillas: 9€ - 15€

You can choose between two different sizes:

SMALL: for 3/4 people (4 “pinchos”)

LARGE: for 6/8 people (8 “pinchos”)

For each of the sizes you can choose between three types of delicious tortillas. The chart below indicates the price for each type and size:


“Ham and cheese”

“Tuna and mayonnaise”










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Basic ingredients: potatoes, eggs, onions, milk, oil, salt

Apart from the basic ingredients, the tortilla “ham and cheese”, also has (amazingly enough): ham, cheese.

In addition to the basic ingredients, the tortilla “tuna and mayonnaise” is also made with (we know you would have never guessed): tuna, mayonnaise.

About the tortilla: The “pincho de tortilla” is definitely the KING of the Spanish pinchos and tapas. Always accompanied with a piece of bread, there is no bar in Spain that doesn´t proudly serve it. The “pincho” can be the classic one, with just tortilla, or it can add other ingredients on top (like “ham and cheese” or “tuna and mayonnaise”). Difficult to resist any of them.

About the sizes: The number of people given in the “sizes and prices” tab is approximate, it depends on how big and how hungry you are.

About the number of pinchos: One “pincho” is the typical Spanish unit to measure a tortilla. See the pictures on the right to get an approximate idea of the size.

When do we (crazy Spaniards) eat it?: Literally, at any time. It is very typical to eat one at the coffe break before lunch. But of course also for lunch, “merienda”, or supper. It is even great for breakfast, and all bars serve it “just made” in the mornings.

How to preserve it: The tortilla is one of those dishes that is really nice from one day to the next one. However, as it has egg, we recommend to eat it maximum in a couple of days. Just put it in the fridge, and enjoy it tomorrow for breakfast. If you heat it up in the microwave, make sure not to keep it too long or it won´t be as juicy. It is always better served “del tiempo” (that is, lukewarm, tepid).


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