Tartas: 18€

For the moment we only bake a cheesefully lovely:

CHEESE CAKE: for 8 people (18€)

However, keep tuned to cucinacarmen.com because we are planning on new sweet-treats.



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Ingredients: biscuits, butter, cream, berry jam, sugar, milk gelatine and, of course, CREAM CHEESE.

About the cheese cake: OK, yes, we agree, this is not typical Spanish. However, it is so nice it deserved to be. Our cheese cake is just as good as the classic original American one (… or even better). A base of smashed biscuits and butter covered by a thick layer of the creamiest and yummiest “cheese mix” (cheese mixed with many other nice things) topped with some fine berry jam. Not much we can add. You know when to eat it. Anytime, any place. Enjoy.

About the size: Again, the number of people depends a lot on how much you like sweet things. We know people that could eat it by themselves. But we have also eaten 12 people out of it (although everybody wanted to repeat and nobody could…) We think that 8 people is about right.

How to preserve it: If it happens to be a piece left over (it would be a pretty weird case), just put it in the fridge. It will be just as nice for the next 2 days.


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