Gazpacho: 8€

For the gazpacho we just offer one type (“the one and only”) and one size:

PORTION: for 4/6 people (1 litre)



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Basic ingredients: tomatoes (a lot of them), cucumber, green pepper, onions, garlic, oil, vinegar, salt, water


About the gazpacho: South of Spain. Andalucía y olé. Andalucía could not be understood without the gazpacho, the same way that the gazpacho could not have been created in any other place. The great Spanish cold tomato soup. However, calling gazpacho “a tomato soup” is the understatement of the century (at least regarding cooking). You have to try to understand it (and check out the ingredients, that´s as healthy as a meal gets).

About the sizes: Well, one portion is 1 litre, so there is little room for further explanation here. We believe it is the right amount for 4/6 people, but this, again, depends on how much you like it (and on how hot it is outside).

When do we (crazy Spaniards) have it?: The gazpacho was created as a refreshing and healthy meal for the very hot summer in Andalucia (when we say very hot, we really mean it). However, it is just too good, and now we eat it all year long, usually at home, as the perfect way to accompany a good tortilla or empanada. It is usually best served directly from the fridge.

How to preserve it: If you have some gazpacho left, cover it with transparent film and put it in the fridge. It can be preserved up to 1-2 days- Whenever you want to have it, just serve it directly from the fridge. Refreshing.


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