Croquetas: 10€

There is only one size:

PORTION: for 2/4 people. It contains 12 croquetas (12 units) such as the ones of the pictures on the right.

You can choose between three types of delicious croquetas. The chart below indicates the price for each type:




12 units





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Basic ingredients: flour, milk, eggs, grated bread, oil, salt, white pepper

Apart from the basic ingredients, the croquetas “chicken”, also have (amazingly enough): chicken.

In addition to the basic ingredients, the croquetas “ham” are also made with (we know you would have never guessed): ham.

Apart from the basic ingredients, the croquetas “spinach”, also have (what a wonder): spinach.

About the croquetas: The croquetas are eaten all over Spain and, although the most popular are those with chicken or ham, they can be made of nearly anything: “morcilla” (lovely Spanish balck pudding), “bacalao” (cod), blue cheese, boiled eggs…

In Cucina Carmen we offer three varieties, although you should check the website (and the blog) regularly because from time to time we will have the “week of the croqueta” and offer special flavours!

About the sizes: The number of people given in the “sizes and prices” tab is approximate. This depends on what you are accompanying the croquetas with. If you JUST want to eat croquetas (not very common in Spain), then probably you should think on one portion per person.

When do we (crazy Spaniards) eat them?: It is a total classic of the “tapas” and the “raciones” (also known as “picoteo”).

This is how the “picoteo” works: It´s Friday, I have just finished work, it´s 18:30 o’clock and I just want to take it easy, relax and enjoy. I call my friends, we meet at 19:00 in a nice bar, we order beer and some nice and uncomplicated food. Anybody feels like a portion of “croquetas”? Of course, as usual, everybody does. But order also some “empanada” and one “pincho de tortilla” for everybody. Then, the jokes and laughs start. Nice way to start off a weekend!

How to preserve them: We really advise to eat them on the same day. They can be preserved in the fridge for 1-2 days, and then heated up in the microwave. However, the croquetas, unlike the tortilla or the empanada, are not as nice from one day to the next one.


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