Bizcochos: 6€ - 10€

You can choose between two different sizes:

SMALL: for 3/4 people

LARGE: for 6/8 people

For each of the sizes you can choose between two types of delicious bizcochos. The chart below indicates the price for each type and size:










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Basic ingredients: flour, milk, eggs, sugar, oil, leavening, lemon

In addition to the basic ingredients, the bizcocho “chocolate” also has, surprise, surprise: chocolate

About the bizcocho: The bizcocho is what English-speaking people would call a sponge-cake. Except that it is way nicer than a sponge-cake. Actually, it is so good, that we don´t know how to describe how good it is.

There are many possible ways of making a bizcocho, in Cucina Carmen we have tasted them all (literally) and we have selected the best recipe just for you. It is a piece of sweet air. So light you won´t know when to stop.

And for those with a really sweet-tooth, go for our “chocolate” version.

About the sizes: To be honest, selecting the sizes was a very tricky business. It happens that the bizcocho is so good that all sizes are just too small. Anyway, we have selected the sizes and number of people to make sure everybody gets his sweet treat, without exagerating.

When do we (crazy Spaniards) eat it?: The bizcocho is the absolute classic of Spanish breakfasts. Always dipped in milk, hot chocolate or coffee. Many people also like to spread jam, marmelade or honey on it. Just too good.

It is also very common to have it after dinner accompanying the coffee as a dessert.

How to preserve it: If you are able to hold yourselves and not finish it in one go, the best way to keep it fresh is to cover it with  transparent film. If it is preserved this way the next 2-3 days it will be as good as the first one.


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