What is Cucina Carmen?

Cucina Carmen is the easiest way of eating the best homemade typical Spanish food, without moving from home. We cook with care just for you. No complications. Just the best, fine, traditional, easy-going, Spanish-way dishes. Eat well, and enjoy.


And no, it is not expensive. Whether it is just for you, or for many, you will find quality products at top prices. We have menus for 8 people for just 8,5€/person! (and if you stay hungry, we will take it personally. In Spain, nobody stays hungry.)


But Cucina Carmen is not only for every-day meals.

Are you inviting friends over and you want to surprise them with something different?

Is your kid celebrating his birthday?

Contact us. We also organise special events.


Are you the owner of a bar or a restaurant? Would you like to offer typical Spanish tortilla or very nice empanadas in your aperitivi? What about a Spanish breakfast for your customers with tortilla and bizcocho? We also have solutions for you!


How does it work?

The process is fast and simple:

  • STEP 1: Search our products and menus and decide what you would like to eat.
  • STEP 2: Fill in this FORM to place an order (you will find it in all the products and menu pages, as well as in the footer of the website).
  • STEP 3: Wait for our confirmation email (we do our best to answer within 1 hour)
  • STEP 4: Enjoy home-made, tasty Spanish food without moving from your home!
  • STEP 5: Smile, and contact us again.

NOTICE 1: Specially for large orders, we kindly ask to place them 48 hours in advance. If not, we might not be able to satisfy them. Remember, good food takes its time. Thanks!

NOTICE 2: It is important that you wait for our confirmation email. We are a small team and all our dishes are home-made and cooked with care for you. If we receive too many orders for one day, we might not be able to satisfy all of them. We prefer to say “no”, than to deliver bad quality food.

Do you need help? Do you have any doubts? Please, CONTACT US, we will be happy to help you.




Where do we deliver?

This is kind of a tricky question. Anyway, let’s try to answer it. And let’s start from the beginning:

Where are we? We are based in Ranco, provincia di Varese, ITALY.

Are we a lot of people? No, we are a small team (although we are great cooks), with limited resources, and our prices are low, so, in general, for regular (small) orders we cannot reach very far. We deliver for free to nearby places: Angera, Ispra, Sesto Calende, Taino, Brebbia, Besozzo, Cadrezzate, Travedona, Osmate…

OK, but, what if my order is NOT small? If you are organasing a special event, or if you are placing a big order, then we can reach further: Laveno, Gavirate, Varese… even Milano (if the order/event is big enough).

Please, can’t you be more precise? Yes we can. In general, the best way to know if we can deliver your order (for free) to your place is to CONTACT US. Just ask, we are here to help.

What we are quite sure is that, for the moment, it is not very likely that we will reach Calabria. Sorry.